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‘Last Boat to America’
Mark LaFountain

Originally recorded by David Gray. From the album ‘A New Day at Midnight’.

This recording 2014 Mind Veneration Music
Celebrating 25 Years of Recording

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Graphic Design
Mark LaFountain
The PolyTone Design Company

'Into the Night Sky' by Lemar featuring Shaughnessy.

I love the melody, the lyrics… the vocals… wonderful!

Here’s a special preview of Mark’s upcoming album, ‘Earth XIV’ - along with some new remixes in the works!

Another new track in progress for the upcoming ‘Earth XIV’ album.

Electroreception Day 15: Glacier (1997 / 2001)

The original version of ‘Glacier’ was recorded in 1997 after I heard The Orb’s ‘Orbus Terrerum’ album. I loved the flow of this track and re-recorded this in 2001 for the ‘Echolocation’ album.